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Our Work

1720 was founded by Kerstin Rice after discovering that more than 400 years of unbroken tradition in chairmaking at the northern edge of the Ore Mountains in Saxony (Germany) was on the verge of becoming extinct. At 1720, we create limited-edition craft pieces to showcase specific craft skills in modern designs, run education and networking events and work to influence public policy-making to ensure crafts and their cultural heritage will live on. Here we will be sharing some of our work.



Mond Zwölf 

This collaboration project of 1720 and Rittergut & Runnymede is part of the September '23 exhibition at Kunsthandel Ladrón de Guevara.

We are celebrating over 400-year-old crafts from the Northern edge of the Ore Mountains in a striking modern design.

Mond Zwölf has been crafted just south of Dresden, near Rabenau (Saxony/DE), the home of chairmaking in Saxony for over 400 years, which received a special mention in 1720 in the Atlas Augusteus Saxonicus.
Each part of a chair has been created from the same tree, using traditional chairbuilding techniques. This complex design can come to life only through the expertise of a specialist chairmaker.

It is an honour to exhibit alongside paintings by Pierre de Belay and moving sculptures by Maximilian Verhas.

You can find out more about Mond Zwölf here.


Endangered crafts for young people event - London 

On the 18th of November, 1720 brings together young people, individual makers and crafts businesses to to show endangered crafts and share the craftspeople's stories and passion with young people to inspire them to consider a future in crafts and learn about the importance crafts still hold in our modern society. Click here for more information.

London November 2023 schools.jpg


Rare crafts

1720 is a Founding partner of The ARCH, the Alliance for Rare Crafts Heritage,  global network dedicated to safeguarding endangered crafts.

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