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2024 will be the year of big collaborations to support crafts and individual craftspeople in Germany, the UK and beyond.

We took this picture back in 2017 at Keflavík Airport, Iceland. The prominent placement of traditional craft in its modern interpretation struck a chord with us. Now, nearly 7 years later, it is the perfect image to guide our path for 2024.

Big things ahead...

What we do

Schauspielhaus foyer_stuehle_0018_FotoSe
Developing limited edition handcrafted pieces to raise public awareness for endangered craft
Here we are exhibiting chairs at the Staatsschauspiel Dresden (State Playhouse Dresden) made just south of Dresden in an area with an over 400-year unbroken chairmaking tradition

Image by  Sebastian Hoppe

Featured artisans and ateliers

1720 celebrates crafts.

Here is a small selection of makers and studios we were invited to meet to learn about their personal crafts stories, their passion and the cultural heritage they are helping to preserve.

Others featured here inspire us through their work and share our passion for crafts.

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